Cascade Bridge

Cascade Bridge

About the Project

Together with Ironclad Earthworks, Tayo Construction was asked to participate in the reconstruction of the Cascade Bridge in Banff Provincial Park. The original bridge was knocked out in 2013 by high water and flooding. This bridge is the longest free standing aluminum pedestrian bridge in North America, and the third largest in the world at the time of this writing. This project was quite challenging as we could not bring in heavy equipment, so the pieces that made up this bridge had to be pushed across scaffolding bolting together each stage. The concrete abutments were stamped with a charcoal release to bring that natural beauty of the environment back into what is mostly cold aluminum.

Project Details

  • Name of Group or Owner
    Parks Canada
  • Location
    Banff Parks
  • Colour Options
    Shadow Grey
  • Release Colours

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